Hate, Destructive Thinking, Fake Action and No Positive Solutions – Politics 2017

Why so many Politicians don’t understand, are afraid of and even hate President Donald Trump.

*****The Difference Between a Politician and a Business Person*****

To be Successful in our Political System requires a Certain Mind Set:

  • Make powerful, impassioned speeches that target problems. Show that you are angry. Blame others, talk tough, but be nice. Say the problem is HUGE, and must be fixed if the country will survive, a study must be done immediately and only you can save America. And Never say what ACTION should be taken.
  • Never appear to make a mistake or a wrong decision. Perception is Reality, actual accomplishments are not that important.
  • Make the Press your stalwart friend – an accomplice if you will.
  • Before you make a statement, “leak” your ideas to a response. Play it safe, change your stance.
  • And most importantly, never really take action without others participating – don’t go it alone.


To do this they must never make mistakes, either in words or deeds. Never be caught saying anything that could be mistaken for a negative statement of the status quo, unless it’s to give more money to the voters. Always say and act according to the Party Lines. Because a successful Politician cannot afford to make a mistake, 100% of the information needs to be gathered – and that will never happen. Therefore, decisive action can never be taken. See the Endless List of Current Problems, that have not been resolved for decades, at the end of this article.


A Business Person: Has to take action by deadlines. They never have more than a small percentage of information needed to make a 100% sure decision. But, that is the responsibility of the Business Person. A business either moves forward or dies. No exceptions. Just think about the companies that dot the business graveyard – all dead because their leaders did not make the right decision or no decision at all. Decisions that cause actions – are made all day long.


The Mind Set is totally different: A Politician has one overall goal – get re-elected. Period. Nothing else matters and everything they do has to be for achieving that goal. But, to do that they must fall in line with their Party, not upset anyone and most of all NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE. As I said before perception is reality for Politicians; that is why someone who has never accomplished anything in office can run on their record. Before taking a position, throw out some “leaks” and see what the reaction is. Or as Bill Clinton was famous for, check the polls and then decide what to do. That is why, before a Politician makes an IMPORTANT speech, the Press has already received information about its most important points – a day or two ahead of time. Even after making a decision, a Politician must make sure their ideas are acceptable.


A Politician has no Deadline: Perception is reality. If the public thinks they are doing something, they are fine. Being able to make impassioned speeches is crucial to longevity in Politics. Look at the list at the end of this article and think about how many problems we have today, that were first talked about ten years ago – and are still unresolved. It’s always someone else’s problems that are talked about. And never there is a solution.


Business People Must Accomplish:   Move forward or die. Business People are by necessity problem solvers, excellent negotiators, bottom line thinkers and always negotiating. They take actions, risks and move on a timely basis. There is no tomorrow for inaction.


A Business Person, also wants to keep their job. But: As Dr. Ray Stantz said in Ghost Busters just after they were thrown out of the College “The Private Sector; you don’t know what it’s like out there – they expect results”! And that pretty much sums up the difference between the Political World in America and The Business World – all over the Globe.


A Business Person must offer timely, decisive and actionable solutions. The problem must be solved or the company loses money, and eventually dies. You don’t have time to collect all the facts, take a POL or float your ideas – time is of the essence. Decisions must be made.


A Business Persons Deadlines:

  • Financial Statements must be filed and SEC reports must be completed on time.
  • Employee taxes must be files on time
  • New products, catalogs and pricing must be done for Trade Shows openings
  • New car models must be exhibited at the National Auto Shows
  • Decisions about where to buy raw materials, how much to pay and what quantity to order have to be made on time, or manufacturing will stop.


Later, I list some of our most pressing issues. One’s that every Politician has made endless speeches about, powerful, impassioned and angry speeches. Look at my list, decades of serious problems, never resolved. Politicians don’t act, they don’t want to be accused of mistakes – no action and you can’t be blamed. But America is being destroyed, from the inside out and top to bottom. Politicians are not judged by their successes, just the perception of success and how few mistakes they made.




Donald Trump: He’s a businessman. He’s always negotiating, keeping his opposition off balance with his statements and positions he takes on all matters. He’s tough, brash, takes chances and most important – takes a position on all issues – before getting all the facts and floating his ideas. For example: He said NATO is not very useful anymore. Did he really mean it? NO! He’s negotiating. He wanted all nations to fulfill their financial obligations and he wanted all members to fully participate in their military obligations. So, he scared the hell out of them. That’s how a business person works the situation – not by asking, pleading or hoping. He is totally misunderstood because he is judged by the “accepted political standards of behavior”, and now for who he is. He gets things done.

He sees a problem, like how Politicians enact new laws, but don’t get rid of outdated ones. He said, for every one new law, two old laws must be removed. He said, too may Politicians go to work for Influence Peddlers – a complaint from every Politician and Media Personality. What happened, he made a rule, that anyone in the Executive Branch (that’s all he controls) can’t work for OOOOOO for two years after being employed. He took action.

Action makes Politicians nervous. Decisiveness is terrifying. Decisions, without testing the water is incomprehensible to a Politician.   Saying one thing, and meaning another – negotiating, negotiating and more negotiating = = = Politicians don’t understand what it means. Listen to a Politicians speech – at the end they say nothing, make no actionable directives and then go about their business.

President Trump talks directly to the people. He does not take the time to have a speech writer take over – he is direct and to the point. Remember when President Clinton went on a late-night talk show? People were outraged, how could a President lower himself to be a TV guest. He was communicating directly to the people. It was great.

So, here’s my list. Some have been around for decades. No wonder, people voted for a brash, outsider – who might get things done.   People don’t care if he is not Politically Correct, or if he is a little obnoxious, changes him mind – and tweets too quickly. He is real, not the usual phone Politician, who looks good, sounds impassioned and caring – and gets nothing done.

Climate Change: The debate has continued for 40 years. What have they done to encourage changing from fossil fuels to renewals? The ITC (solar investment tax credit) was enacted in 2005. What have they done since? Complain, promise and not much else, that has affected investment in a significant way.

Iran: has been identified as the country that is spreading terrorism all over the world. Their stated policy is to destroy Israel and the Big Satan – the United States. They want to kill our children, what action has our Politicians taken? Lots of statements to that effect, but what action was taken?

North Korea: has had the stated goal of developing Long Range Missiles, capable of reaching the United States, and carrying a nuclear war head. Threatening millions of Americans – this is going on for more than 10 years – what action has our politicians taken? This is scary. Ignored by President Obama and Congress for the last 8 years.

Criminal Gangs in America: Reports about gangs in California and Long Island, NY have been reported for years. Some are alleged to have thousands of members and have originated in Mexico and other foreign countries. They deal in drugs, crimes of theft and extortion. Cities from Chicago (President Obama’s adopted home town) to Houston report every week about their activities. What action have our politicians taken?

Education: The quality of education in the United States has consistently been reported how it has deteriorated.


In the Huffington Post on 7/27/2012: A report out last week by Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy and Governance found that U.S. students aren’t progressing to catch up to their foreign peers.

Students in Latvia, Chile and Brazil are making gains in academics three times faster than American students, while those in Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Colombia and Lithuania are improving at twice the rate. The study’s findings support years of rankings that show foreign students outpacing their American peers academically. Students in Shanghai who recently took international exams for the first time outscored every other school system in the world. In the same test, American students ranked 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading.

Reports from the United Nations and other organizations list the quality vs. cost, and compares many countries. We spend the most and achieve only mediocre results. This is for grade schools and Colleges.

The problem is that Colleges have become “For Profit” organizations.   Class sizes are now in auditoriums. Students watch a video and don’t even see their Professors. If they have a question, they can only talk to the Teaching Assistant! The problem is systemic, not academic. Charter schools are growing in popularity because concerned parents are desperate for a better learning experience for their children. What action have our Politicians taken?


PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: Revised by the 111 Congress in May 2010. Presented as the solution to health insurance. For LESS cost, an additional 40,000,000 people would be able to have better coverage than ever before. Sounded great. Then, people complained about the fact that this was to cover Illegal Aliens too. The President retracted his original idea and said they would not be covered. Actually, it’s a wonderful idea. We should have mandates for complete coverage. No one should be excluded for any reason. But, Politicians have no idea what they’re doing. So, they pushed through anything that might do the job. They are not capable nor do they care about the unintended consequences.

Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer said, by forcing millions of Americas who did not want insurance to buy it, and if not, tax them, it would add money to cover other people. Nice gift. He said there are efficiencies to be had that will reduce the cost. Nancy Pelosi, said to Congress, If you want to know what’s in it, you’ll have to pass it!  The largest legislative act in history and our Congress Members voted on something they didn’t read! Amazing. Now, 1,000 pages later: The average premium is 105% higher than before Obamacare. You all know the dire straits, we are in. Can you think of the specific act, that addresses this problem?


Infrastructure: One small word that has been the subject of Decades of discussion among our Politicians. Every newspaper, every TV station, every magazine and every Politician has presented the results of dozens of studies by competent authorities over the last 40 years. Decrying the state of our roads, tunnels and bridges – not to mention dams, waterways and estuaries. The cost increases every year, the studies show how serious this is – and what action have our Politicians taken?

And of course, the most recent example: New York City and it’s failing subway system – going on for decades, nothing being done and now, Governor Cuomo is coming to the rescue (of his own failures) to ride in on his white horse with a $BILLIONS for emergency repairs! Twelve years of Bloomberg and what was done? Nothing. He was a Businessman turned Politician.



Federal Tax System: Long ago, President Ronald Reagan, made one of his goals the simplification of the Federal Tax Code – working through the ridiculous maze of IRS rules and requirements. I remember how financial markets were worried what would happen to the RR Donnelly Printing Company, whose business centered around the Commerce Clearing House’s Tax Books. Well, Congress took The Presidents ideas and worked them hard. And in the end, the IRS ended up with MORE rules and requirements! Unbelievable!   That is the only action I can list that Politicians took – and where did that get us?

Political Influence of the Wealthy: How many years ago did our Politicians say that we needed to reduce the influence that wealthy people have over our Politicians because they could donate any amount of money to an individual’s campaign. I think the leaders of each party saw an opportunity to consolidate their power over their respective parties. So, what they did was ingenious: Limit the amount of money an individual can contribute to an individual. Finally we thought they came up with an action that would benefit American Citizens. BUT NOPE: They expanded Political Actions Committees – created Super PACs! Now, individuals can contribute any amount of money to these organizations and when running for office, when Politicians need money, they must go to these Super PACs. Who controls Super PACs, each party’s leaders – directly and indirectly. Brilliant maneuver, but it only benefits the party leaders.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Did you ever read it? Its a Politicians Dream Document. They can talk about it, say how wonderful it is that we are addressing a major issue – and all the while, it does nothing. Yup, it does nothing. A business man would ask, what are the goals and requirements? Well, when told that it does not really set any goals. The goal, in about 10 years is to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses to lower levels, BUT (and here’s the kicker) no one really agrees to do anything. That’s because, each country determines what the goals are they want to achieve, each country decides how long it will take, each country decides how to achieve their goals, no one checks or verifies if any effort is taking place. Every five years each country sends in a report – but no basis for how to calculate the results are requirements; and on and on. There are no penalties or outside reviews. The Agreement does nothing.

Social Security: This act established in 193.5 was intended to help poorer people and children, financially, in their old age and with health costs they could not afford. For the last 10 years, there is a general agreement that in a few more years the Account of Social Security will run out. Actually, there is no Account – the government takes any excess cash, and gives it’s IOU. What have our Politicians done to prevent the collapse of the Social Security System?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization: For years and years, many members have not paid their membership fees, and nothing could be done – with the then current Politicians. Then, businessman Donald come in and says – you must fulfill your obligations. A new concept for Politicians. He actually said, if you don’t, we won’t full fill ours. Made them nervous, and they started to pay up. The point – what did our Politicians do for years? And the US Government is borrowing money every month to pay our bills, while our partners are not paying. We borrowed money to finance their membership.

Our National Debt: In 2008 a wise man said, in very strong language, repeatedly, to thunderous applause that George Bush was adding so much to our debt that our grandchildren would be paying for what we have today. It was outrageous and criminal! And then when the loud response began to quiet down, he said, AND worse, he’s paying for it with a Chinese Credit Card! The response was thunderous, deafening – he struck a nerve. GB had added almost $4.9 Trillion during his 8 years in office.

Then, Candidate Barack Obama, talked about how horrible it all was and why we needed him to make things right – CHANGE! We needed CHANGE! Well, we got it. He added almost $9 Trillion.

Can you name the Politician that put their name on legislation, or budget proposals that addresses this problem? Right now, the government is borrowing from our grandchildren at the rate of more than $1T a year – unless the Trump budget is enacted.

Cigarettes (smoking tobacco): I think we can safely say that beyond a reasonable doubt, smoking tobacco products increases cancer. The number of deaths over the last 10 years is staggering. According to the American Lung Association (http://www.lung.org/lung-health-and-diseases/lung-disease-lookup/lung-cancer/resource-library/lung-cancer-fact-sheet.html), over 150,000 American’s will die from lung cancer this year. In 2005 that number was 159,292 – less than a 3% decrease. And, with these facts, what have our Politicians done – NOTHING. How may millions of was paid out by the tobacco industry because of law suits?

Islamic Extremists: Attack and destroy.

Internet Attacks: Should the Federal Government take the lead on protecting it’s citizens from attacks that are continually stated to originate from other countries governments? How can our companies, which are minute to Chinese, Russian, Iranian and others, be expected to protect themselves? They can’t and we see they are not capable. So, where is the legislation proposal, to combat this threat? We are told that our utility companies are at risk, our nuclear power plants are at risk, what are our politicians doing?

Dialing for Dollars: Remember 60 Minutes piece of how the DNC and RNC control our Congressional Representatives.

The following is a script from “Dialing for Dollars” which aired on April 24, 2016. Norah O’Donnell is the correspondent. Patricia Shevlin and Miles Doran, producers.

The American public has a low opinion of Congress. Only 14 percent think it’s doing a good job. But Congress has excelled in one way. Raising money. Members of Congress raised more than a billion dollars for their 2014 election. And they never stop.


The two top Political organizations control the money, and our political representatives. We were fooled, not too many years ago, we were told that to stop big money donors from controlling Congress we needed a law to limit donations to $1,000. Made sense. Then the truth came out, after the law was passed – Pollical Action Committees became Giant Vacuums of Money. No limit to how much could be “donated” to them. Who controls them – those longest serving members in politics and very, very rich money. Watch this episode of 60 Minutes and think about whose in control. Then ask – what have our Politicians done to solve the problem? Nothing!

Soft Money Laundromat:  http://www.ushistory.org/gov/5c.asp

A loophole created by the FEC allows “soft money” contributions and donations from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals to party treasuries that would otherwise be illegal. Legally, they may only be used for “party building”, but some feel that donors expect political favors from party candidates. Common Cause, a citizens’ watchdog group dedicated to ending special interest politics, lets you search database to see where soft money goes and who’s giving it up.

Fox Business News:  6/16/2017 Facebook bug may have exposed moderators to extremists


I wonder why I couldn’t find any mention of this in the New York Times???


SAN FRANCISCO –  Facebook has acknowledged that a security hole in its software may have exposed the identities of its online monitors to suspected terrorist groups and others whose pages were removed for inappropriate content.

A Guardian report says more than 1,000 people, which Facebook calls moderators, were affected. Facebook says it fixed the error, which occurred last year, and it has no evidence that those affected received any threats.

The Guardian says six people likely had their profiles viewed by suspected terrorists. It spoke to one of these people, whom it did not name, who went into hiding following the incident. This person was worried that sympathizers of the Islamic State group may have viewed his profile.

Facebook says it didn’t find that any profiles were viewed by suspected IS members.

Other Sources:

Speaking with The Guardian, one of the six employees, an Iraqi-born Irish citizen who asked to remain anonymous, stated that seven people linked to an Egyptian terrorist group sympathetic to Hamas and ISIS had seen his profile.

“The only reason we’re in Ireland was to escape terrorism and threats,” he said, revealing how numerous members of his family had been beaten and executed in Iraq.

The moderator, who worked as a contractor for Facebook on behalf of Cpl Recruitment, fled the country shortly after over fears of retaliation.

Although Facebook initially “offered to install a home alarm monitoring system and provide transport to and from work” to the high-priority moderators, the Iraqi-born man felt he had become too vulnerable.

“When you come from a war zone and you have people like that knowing your family name you know that people get butchered for that,” he added. “The punishment from ISIS for working in counter-terrorism is beheading. All they’d need to do is tell someone who is radical here.”

After five months in eastern Europe, the moderator returned to Ireland in May after running out of money.

“I don’t have a job, I have anxiety and I’m on antidepressants,” he said. “I can’t walk anywhere without looking back.”

The moderator has now filed a legal claim against both Facebook and Cpl Recruitment, seeking compensation for the physiological issues faced since the security breach.

The Guardian report also revealed how content monitors, who, according to the moderator, “come in every morning and just look at beheadings, people getting butchered, stoned, executed,” were seemingly required to use their own personal profiles while doing their work.

“They should have let us use fake profiles,” he said. “They never warned us that something like this could happen.”

In a statement confirming the incident, Facebook asserted it had taken technical steps to stop such an issue from occurring in the future.

“We care deeply about keeping everyone who works for Facebook safe,” a spokesman said. “As soon as we learned about the issue, we fixed it and began a thorough investigation to learn as much as possible about what happened.”

In total, the software bug remained active for up to a month and retroactively exposed profiles that had flagged terrorist content as far back as August 2016.

Labor Secretary Advised Clinton To Cast Sanders As Candidate Of Whites To Turn Off Minorities

From: Common Dreams: Tom Perez, new head of DNC



I find it interesting that the same person who now heads the DNC, and promises that there will bed lawsuits against the sitting President, once called for marketing to “People of Color” the greatness of Presidential candidate Hillary  Clinton.   He thought the best way to win her the office was to divide America.  She didn’t run on being everyone’s candidate, but rather just another “Vote for Me and Everything is Free” politician.  I think the American people just had enough of empty promises.  And now as head of the party’s management crew, his idea is to file lawsuits – instead of talking to the American people and explaining why Donald Trump is not fit to be President.

Let me know what you think on this new Democratic approach to regaining the momentum they have been losing for the last decade or so.


CNN and Fake News, how do they react when it’s called out! Don Lemon exposed!

I saw this on Sundance Blog and thought how funny it is when Fake News is called Fake News.  As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense.  Don Lemon, after being called out on his phony baloney “news conference” could only turn tail an run.  Great Going CNN!

Negotiating, Negotiating and More Negotiating – Nothing but Negtotiating

Anyone who listens to and follows Donald Trump throughout his “Political Career” knows that much of what he says is the opening of a long negotiating process.  He is not a politician, he actually says/tweets what he is thinking at that time.  I find that refreshing and a little scary at the same time.  And, he gets a little tiring along the way.  Not from what he says, but I have to think about what he means and what he intends.  He speaks very plainly, but behind the words are huge and significant meanings.  Donald Trump is a very successful businessman.  He mental state is one of always negotiating.  He loves it.

People don’t get it, they just don’t get it.  His detractors point to the words and get a boost by misinterpreting the meaning, on purpose – like all good politicians do.  We can’t believer any of them.  The President is negotiating with the Russians, Iranians, Israelis, Palestinians, Democrats, Media types, public opinion, China, and the legal system.  He is positioning himself to “compromise” and win what he wants.

  1. Illegal Immigrants: What he says – deport every single one, and their children will have to follow.  What he wants – deport illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes (not jay walking or a misdemeanor) and offer a path to citizenship for everyone else.
  2. Stop imports from Mexico and other countries: What he says – I’m going to put a 35% tariff on imported goods.  What he wants – give American made goods a fair chance to compete with imported products by putting reasonable tariff on them – perhaps 8%.
  3. The Not So “Affordable” Care Act: What he says – Repeal and replace!!!!  What he means – Repeal and replace an Act that will accomplish the same results, but in a financially responsible manor.
  4. The Ban on Muslims: What he says – Stop immigration from these seven countries for 90 days so we can assess the effectiveness of our vetting system, which I think is not strong enough.  What he should have said: I am concerned that the current vetting process we have in place may not be effective enough to protect our security from ISS infiltrators, therefore I am going to temporarily halt, for 90 days, the processing of immigration requests from the seven countries that President Obama designated as Terrorist Strongholds.  Etc., Etc.
  5. NATO: What he says – We will not stay in NATO when other countries only want a free ride, it’s an outdated organization and we will consider leaving it.  What he means – many of the other members are not paying their fair share for the cost of defense and are not sending the troops needed in a conflict.  He’s just positioning himself to get a better and fairer deal for America.  Poor John McCain just doesn’t get it!
  6.  Fake News: What he says: He means, and he is usually right.

Bottom line, listen to his words, but keep in mind he is opening up a dialog to negotiate for what he thinks is best for America.  He’s letting himself look silly for making America better.  Too bad none of the politicians would do the same.

Turkish Hacker Gets 8 Years In US Jail For ATM Theft Scheme -from Darkreading

Was this put onto the front page of any newspapers?  I think the best way to stop some hacking is to inform people of the realities of life that will happen when they are caught.  If people never hear about the consequences of their actions, and they only hear about how huge the money is that is being stolen, the idea of cyber theft is very tempting.

Ercan Findikoglu carried out three cyberattacks that enabled theft of $55 million through worldwide ATM withdrawals. The mastermind behind three cyberattacks that allowed the theft of $55 million from ATMs worldwide has been sentenced to eight years in a US prison, Reuters reports. Ercan Findikoglu of Turkey allegedly carried out these crimes while facing Turkish charges for fake payment cards and was out on bail.

Prosecutors say Findikoglu and his accomplices hacked the database of debit card companies in “unlimited operations” and deleted the withdrawal limits of card accounts. This enabled “cashers” in worldwide locations to simultaneously withdraw cash from ATMs using data of victims stolen by Findikoglu. In one instance, $40 million was allegedly withdrawn using Oman’s Bank Muscat cards by cashers located in 24 countries and through 36,000 transactions.

Thirteen New York cashers allegedly involved in the theft of $2.8 million have pleaded guilty.

Findikoglu will be deported to Turkey for completing his sentence there once his US prison term is over, says defense lawyer Christopher Madiou.