Why was PE Trump Elected, asked again and again – so leme splain!

The anti-Trump people, especially the Democrats, are still trying to figure out what went wrong.  Hillary was The Chosen One, direct descendant of the Clinton Dynasty.  A women.  Great job history, albeit not a successful history.  Huge money to play with.  The Bill advisor – who was going to take over the economy, that she said was as strong as ever.  A popular President who campaigned for her – and said she was GREAT!  So, she had to win.

Then some big mouth guy from New York City, white and rich came along and screwed things up.  He was obnoxious, dished women, minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and couldn’t find almost anyone in his own party that sang his praises.  Hollywood hated him.  Minorities hated him.  The Press hated him.  He wouldn’t show anyone his tax returns.  He was accused of molesting several women.  He started fights with anyone and everyone. So, he had to lose.

What the HELL is going on?  Actually quite simple – or at least I think so.  He spoke to people’s pain and suffering and their fears of what their future held in store for them if things didn’t change.  While Hillary talked to the people who were financially secure and played her “Santa Claus” politics for those who wanted more.  She couldn’t see – and still can’t see or feel or understand – the huge part of the American landscape who are afraid of their future.  She talked about all of America, all of the world outside our boarders, about how we could do more for others, but never could see any individual.  She still can’t.

Donald Trump talked directly to the pain, and said I want to help YOU.  YOU, the individual who has money problems.  To the 50% of future retires over 60 who have little or no money saved for their retirement.  To workers who lost their jobs and didn’t really understand why their company closed.  He offered an explanation.  He was a business person – not a life long Politician who has no idea of what working class people go through every day.

So – – – my take, if I’m a voter with real world terrifying money fears:  I say – To put food on the table, clothes on their backs and a roof over my family’s head, I make a deal with the devil himself if I have to.  And they did!

Simple. Easy. Talk to the people who are in pain and offer them a cure.  Hillary, to this day, has no idea about what the average person goes through.










Author: charley246

I'm all about people. Love to read and re-think about Politics and how it impacts people in their daily lives. I offer my opinion, just as anyone should, for the belief if we all talk about what matters to us, we will find a solution we can agree upon.

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