Really? He Hasn’t Done Anything Yet, But He Might.

Center For Biodiversity:  A Call To Arms – Just in Case!!!!  Take the pledge, run in fear and unite against the imagination of The Terror Of Trump!!!- – – – – -Really?

Pledge of Resistance to Donald Trump’s Assault on America’s Environment, Democracy and Civil Rights

 I pledge to stand in resistance to Donald Trump’s assault on America’s clean air, clean water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with those threatened by violence and intimidation because of who they are, what they believe or their opposition to Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Donald Trump is an unprecedented threat to our nation’s democracy, health and environment. He must not be allowed to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, gut the Clean Air and Endangered Species acts, raid our public lands, eliminate regulations protecting poor communities from pollution, deport millions of people, take away our reproductive freedom, or force millions to live in fear.


Fear Mongers Unite!  Look to me to protect you – and your children, and your children’s children!  Maybe wait and actually see what he does.  If you live in fear you can’t really judge what is happening – and I’m sure there will be many things we need to take action against.  But pick your spots.  Stay focused and then respond appropriately, not out of a cloud of Fear.

Author: charley246

I'm all about people. Love to read and re-think about Politics and how it impacts people in their daily lives. I offer my opinion, just as anyone should, for the belief if we all talk about what matters to us, we will find a solution we can agree upon.

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