Despite Pledge, Trump White House Full Of ‘Swamp’ Denizens, now ask WHY?

This is the question posed in CBS Miami headline.  But the President already answered this weeks ago.  Most of the knowledgeable and capable people are to be found in The Swamp.  We must have people with backgrounds that will allow them to be effective.  If there was ever a question about his intentions, just re-read his Inaugural Address.  They Just Don’t Get It!  First get elected, then hire the best people available for the job – try to overcome the Chuck Schumer’s in office who have stated they will oppose anything you try to do – and then make the changes we need to become Great Again.

Author: charley246

I'm all about people. Love to read and re-think about Politics and how it impacts people in their daily lives. I offer my opinion, just as anyone should, for the belief if we all talk about what matters to us, we will find a solution we can agree upon.

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