They Can’t Say Enough Bad Things About The Prez

Just a Quick Note:

Top Stories from NBC News and MSNBC


Yup.  First full day on office and this is what the “News Media” is reporting.  Exerts that don’t convey the full and true story.  One statement out of many, and the reader is left with the impression that this is the only thoughts that he had on the Women’s March – which I’m glad to say included many, many men.  He actually said it was a good part of our society that Marches like this are allowed to take place. Conway, said the next day he would release them after they are done being audited.  That was said before this news was presented, so why didn’t they include that little tidbit?  You know why, and it is not what a real journalist would have done. And the TPP agreement.  Another big mistake for America – and if you read my prior blog about Negotiating 101 you will know why you start tough and as for more than you expect to end up with.  In this case, frighten and disappoint the other side by saying, I’m out.  I only lose with the current deal – so the other side had better think on something to keep us interested.  When negotiating always get the other side to commit first  Which now means he has put the ball in the other sides hands – they will have to make the first move.  Brilliant maneuver!













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I'm all about people. Love to read and re-think about Politics and how it impacts people in their daily lives. I offer my opinion, just as anyone should, for the belief if we all talk about what matters to us, we will find a solution we can agree upon.

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