Negotiating 101: They Just Don’t Get It

Donald Trump is the first business person to be in the White House, since, since …… a long time.  In fact, I can’t think of anyone in the Federal Government that was involved in negotiating any type of agreement that had a solid business background.  I have thought for 40 years that China and Japan, and most other countries beat the crap out of our Federal Politicians at every turn when it came to any kind of trade deal.  Now we Get a Trump card.  Someone who will get things done the right way.

How do you negotiate the best way to achieve your desired outcome?  Come on, you know.  Start with more then you want to end up with.  Ask for a higher price on the product you want to sell, offer a lower price on something you want to buy.  AND in Politics, since the expectation is that this should be long term process, you take your time so your constituency thinks you are doing an amazing job.  Fighting tooth and nail for the best outcome – even though you are wasting time and money; and not getting much for your efforts.

Now we Trump it.  Trump the Primary candidate and Trump the Presidential candidate said some outrageous things.  Like “I’m going to deport 11 million illegal immigrants on day one and I’m going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it”.  Wow – that got us interested, even though it didn’t make a lot of sense.  At first I thought I would never vote for someone who thought we should deport everyone like that.  But, after thinking it over, I realized he was negotiating.  Like the 35% import duty on Chinese goods and that he was going to put huge tariffs on specific companies products if they close US factories and open up in other countries.  He can’t do that.  He knows he can’t do that.  The companies know he can’t do that.  So, what was he doing?  He was saying “give me a chance” and if you don’t I’ll get you some how.

Illegal Aliens: I believe that The Prez will push to have illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes deported or tried in American courts, something that according to our laws should have been done all along.  Next, he needs to give the Democrats something to “win” in their battle with him.  So,  he will let them say we should find a path to Citizenship for those Illegals who have been here for more than two years, pay taxes, repay any public assistance they have received and wait five years.  If they abide by the rules they will be given US Citizenship.  (I think that English should be our official language and that they should be proficient in the language) But, that’s another story for another day.  My point: The Donald never really thought he would deport 11 million people.  But, he was negotiating.

Trade with China: Same thing.  Start high – 35% tariff on everything and  work your way down to a number you really think is acceptable.  China, and I mean the government, has been orchestrating the manufacturing competition for decades.  They control everything. In 1980 I visited China for the first time.  I was accompanied by an Inspection I had worked with for several years, and as we walked in the streets of one small town, I made the comment that a small 10 X15′ news stand was a nice thing to see in terms of individual ownership.  NOPE.  The Chinese government owned it and the man running it received the same pay as everyone else – $.35 per hour.  Yes, the government controlled every little part of the economy.  So, how that The Prez has said what he has – you think there fighting words, but no – he is just negotiating.  First round.

The Great Wall of America  If he builds it they won’t come! Yup, another negotiating tool.  It’s called, I challenge you to a fight and we’ll see who wins.  So now, the wall will be built, there might be a new tariff on goods coming into this country from Mexico – and The Prez can say, that’s how they are paying for the wall.  Mexico can say, no, that’s just tariff on goods and we are not paying for the wall.  Everyone can say they won.  But in the end, the American people are the real winners.

That’s just a little of the way you negotiate.  The Democrats will use each of these winning scenarios as examples of how The Prez is a failure and a liar.  But, we now know better.  We are the winners.

Thank you President Trump.













Despite Pledge, Trump White House Full Of ‘Swamp’ Denizens, now ask WHY?

This is the question posed in CBS Miami headline.  But the President already answered this weeks ago.  Most of the knowledgeable and capable people are to be found in The Swamp.  We must have people with backgrounds that will allow them to be effective.  If there was ever a question about his intentions, just re-read his Inaugural Address.  They Just Don’t Get It!  First get elected, then hire the best people available for the job – try to overcome the Chuck Schumer’s in office who have stated they will oppose anything you try to do – and then make the changes we need to become Great Again.

First Order of Business – Save our Health Care System

Yup – he did it!  Wasted no time.  Beginning the dismantling of The Affordable Care Act.  Yes, the NOT so Affordable Care Act.  All the Fear Mongers who have said if he moves forward with his pledge, millions of current insured will be without coverage.  BS!  Try to understand, the ACT that was forced into Law by Nancy “The Monster” Pelosi (if you want to know what’s in it you have to pass it).  The law that affects more money and people than any other law I can think of and it was never examined or discussed.  It was offered by a President that had wonderful intentions but no business experience.  Result: financial disaster for insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and those covered by the ACT.  At best, President Obama is a well intention-ed idealist, a dreamer.  But, there is a practical side to everything the government does.  He repeated that it would cost less to everyone.  A lie or just incompetence is not really important right now.  It needs to change.  We need time to accomplish the goal of coverage for all.  It makes me angry that people only listen to the Fear Mongers and don’t look at the reality of the situation.  A bankrupt government, passing along their view of life – play Santa Claus politics and let the future politicians pay for it.

New York Times:  This is part of the action taken by our new President.  More State control and open boarders for insurance companies to offer their product.  WONDERFUL!!

Using the phrase “to the maximum extent permitted by law,” the order directs federal agencies to move decisively to implement changes, including granting flexibility that insurers and states had long implored the Obama administration to provide.  It also instructs them to work to create a system that allows the sale of health insurance across state lines, which Republicans have long proposed as the centerpiece of an alternative to the law.

Gotta love the quickness.  Now I hope he can really develop a better Care Act.  We can only keep our fingers crossed and ignore the Fear Mongers.

Really? He Hasn’t Done Anything Yet, But He Might.

Center For Biodiversity:  A Call To Arms – Just in Case!!!!  Take the pledge, run in fear and unite against the imagination of The Terror Of Trump!!!- – – – – -Really?

Pledge of Resistance to Donald Trump’s Assault on America’s Environment, Democracy and Civil Rights

 I pledge to stand in resistance to Donald Trump’s assault on America’s clean air, clean water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with those threatened by violence and intimidation because of who they are, what they believe or their opposition to Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Donald Trump is an unprecedented threat to our nation’s democracy, health and environment. He must not be allowed to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, gut the Clean Air and Endangered Species acts, raid our public lands, eliminate regulations protecting poor communities from pollution, deport millions of people, take away our reproductive freedom, or force millions to live in fear.


Fear Mongers Unite!  Look to me to protect you – and your children, and your children’s children!  Maybe wait and actually see what he does.  If you live in fear you can’t really judge what is happening – and I’m sure there will be many things we need to take action against.  But pick your spots.  Stay focused and then respond appropriately, not out of a cloud of Fear.

The Fear of Fear – He Really Was Elected, So What Now?

He said it, you know.  Listen to the fear mongers, telling everyone who will listen that the President will do horrible things and you need their protection.  He hates women and we must protect women’s rights!  Ask them which right did he say he would abolish?  You’ll get no answer.  We need the fear mongers to protect Muslims – what did he say; if we can’t determine if a person might cause us harm we need to PAUSE and figure out a way to make a reasonable determination.  When ISS and many other murderous groups tell you they plan to kill you, take it seriously.  When they say we must keep all the parts of The Affordable Care Act, but make it better, listen to their plan.  We will protect you is their famous statement – protect us from what?  The “NOT SO” Affordable Care Act was a great vision.  But most people think it means Almost Free Insurance for Everyone; and that is a LIE.  Medical treatment costs money.  Who will pay was the biggest LIE about TACA.  That is the problem, not the intention, but the practical reality of how to pay for it.  The Fear Mongers have no solution, just talk and what might be.  Wait to see what is before you start to have nightmares.  And then think about who you were listening to and take a moment to put them in their proper place – the garbage can.

Shut Down America! Really?!?!?

As I watch the day coming tomorrow and read and watch how many “good americans” will be doing their best to disrupt and denigrate the Inauguration, I wonder who these people are trying to impress.  I believe it’s themselves.  The Inaug has become a social event, someplace to vent your anger, an opportunity to grab 15 minutes of fame.  There is nothing to be gained by this process.  In fact, the words spoken by the “demonstrators” will be about free will, freedom’s that need to be protected – – – – all of which they are doing themselves.

I doubt if the Protesters really know what they are talking about.  If you asked them to point to a specific statement DT made, they would not know.  It’s all about feeling.  I dislike what DT says many times, but I have to concentrate on the positive as well or I’ll end up with an ulcer.

So, I wish everyone to have the best time and stay out of harms way.  I’ll actually listen to what he says and watch what he does, not think about what nominee DT talked about – and keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Why was PE Trump Elected, asked again and again – so leme splain!

The anti-Trump people, especially the Democrats, are still trying to figure out what went wrong.  Hillary was The Chosen One, direct descendant of the Clinton Dynasty.  A women.  Great job history, albeit not a successful history.  Huge money to play with.  The Bill advisor – who was going to take over the economy, that she said was as strong as ever.  A popular President who campaigned for her – and said she was GREAT!  So, she had to win.

Then some big mouth guy from New York City, white and rich came along and screwed things up.  He was obnoxious, dished women, minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and couldn’t find almost anyone in his own party that sang his praises.  Hollywood hated him.  Minorities hated him.  The Press hated him.  He wouldn’t show anyone his tax returns.  He was accused of molesting several women.  He started fights with anyone and everyone. So, he had to lose.

What the HELL is going on?  Actually quite simple – or at least I think so.  He spoke to people’s pain and suffering and their fears of what their future held in store for them if things didn’t change.  While Hillary talked to the people who were financially secure and played her “Santa Claus” politics for those who wanted more.  She couldn’t see – and still can’t see or feel or understand – the huge part of the American landscape who are afraid of their future.  She talked about all of America, all of the world outside our boarders, about how we could do more for others, but never could see any individual.  She still can’t.

Donald Trump talked directly to the pain, and said I want to help YOU.  YOU, the individual who has money problems.  To the 50% of future retires over 60 who have little or no money saved for their retirement.  To workers who lost their jobs and didn’t really understand why their company closed.  He offered an explanation.  He was a business person – not a life long Politician who has no idea of what working class people go through every day.

So – – – my take, if I’m a voter with real world terrifying money fears:  I say – To put food on the table, clothes on their backs and a roof over my family’s head, I make a deal with the devil himself if I have to.  And they did!

Simple. Easy. Talk to the people who are in pain and offer them a cure.  Hillary, to this day, has no idea about what the average person goes through.