New York Time Falls Short of Real Deal on Mexico and The Wall

As you read this article -Forget The Wall; There’s a Better Way; keep in mind they are playing politics, not telling the whole story.  President Obama has tried for years to get Mexico to agree and work with the US to establish pre-clearance at the boarder, but to no avail.  Perhaps if Mexico cooperated we wouldn’t even be talking about a wall.  But illegal immigration benefits Mexico on many levels, so President Obama, couldn’t accomplish very much.

Different cultures that have different goals require different actions.  And Action is all that counts.  Talking and identifying a problem is only the first step – what is the action?  We never hear of one, only that if we were nicer everyone would get along.  Amazing to think that ten’s of thousands of Mexican citizens are murdered along the boarder and Mexico has done almost nothing to stop the bloodshed, except ask the United States for help.  If we could stop some of the drugs form flowing into our country, that would reduce the killing because there would be less reason to “solidify” the cartel’s domains.

If building a Wall is the best action, albeit, not the perfect solution, I say Do It!   Stop talking and acting like if you describe a problem that your a great leader and we should applaud your thoughts – I WANT Solutions!

I don’t know of any country in history that had a policy of Open Boarders.  None.  So, why is America not entitled to protect it’s boarder like every other country?  The Canadian Prime Minister tweeted that “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith,” Mr. Trudeau wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon. “Diversity is our strength.”

Sounds great, but that still means immigrants must meet certain standards, it’s not a free for all policy.  And, I wonder what will happen after a few attacks happen in Canada?   Perhaps the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should apply.



To Deport or Not to Deport, that is the Question?


Some people responded to my thoughts on this by simply stating all Illegal Immigrants should go.  But, my point is more involved than that.  If we look around the world we see that the most prosperous, strongest and most powerful are those with the largest populations.  Consumer = Strength.  Deporting millions of people that contribute to society only weakens our consumer market and that is the new power struggle.  China and India are the new powers, and they have 25% of the world’s population.

Most Illegals are here to make money to send home or stay and make a new home for themselves and their families.  The ebb and flow of this population rests on the availability of work in this country.  Permanent Contributors are a PLUS for America.

How do we separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, the criminals from the contributors?

I think, America First means we need to be selfish and select what is best for America.  Those Immigrants that will Contribute should be given a path to Citizenship.  Those that we determine to be Non-Contributors should be deported.  Forget about what the law says for now – what is best for America.

Eleven Million Illegals is just the estimate, I believe it’s more. Add to this the millions who are married and have children or older folks who depend upon them.  I believe we are talking about 20 million Illegals.  That means millions of business owners who close up shop and leave, millions of houses and apartments vacant, millions of consumers buying everyday items.  And, millions of tax payers leaving.  Yes, millions of Illegals have Federal Tax ID numbers – and pay taxes, both Federal, State and Local.  And what about Sales Tax and other local taxes they pay.   Millions in taxes.  Let’s be selfish and choose who stays and who goes based upon what is good for us.

  1. We need to look at who these people are.  Some are here and commit crimes, take public assistance and avoid paying taxes by working for cash.  There is an entire society built upon “cash” and hidden workers.  We see them on street corners and in front of diners.  We know it but let them be.  We even hire them to do work around the house because it is cheaper and easy to find them.  We knowingly enable them.
  2. We we need to separate the Illegal Population into two groups: Criminals and Contributors.
  3.  Illegals who has or does commit a crime, tried and convicted should be deported or jailed and then deported.  Anyone who has or does not demonstrate the ability to Contribute to Society should be deported.
  4. Illegals who have been here for more than, for example, two years and Contribute to Society should be given a path to Citizenship.  Define Contribute:  Support themselves and their families (ie, steady employment); pay all required taxes (paying taxes they should have been paying); repay all public support monies they received; and then for a period of five years be on Citizen Probation – if all requirements are met, Citizen is granted.
  5. I’ll add that English should be our Official Language.  Look up what that means and I think  you’ll agree.  We all need to be able to communicate with each other.

Another thought.  I would have thought some slimy lawyer would have sued the US Government on behalf of all Illegal Immigrants, for Illegal Entrapment.  It’s a trap!  We leave our doors unlocked, advertise easy money through public assistance, a President who says he wants Illegals to stay (he won’t deport them) and they will not be arrested for any crime.  Entrapment!

Bottom Line:  Let’s be selfish and do what’s best for us – – – – America First!