Labor Secretary Advised Clinton To Cast Sanders As Candidate Of Whites To Turn Off Minorities

From: Common Dreams: Tom Perez, new head of DNC


I find it interesting that the same person who now heads the DNC, and promises that there will bed lawsuits against the sitting President, once called for marketing to “People of Color” the greatness of Presidential candidate Hillary  Clinton.   He thought the best way to win her the office was to divide America.  She didn’t run on being everyone’s candidate, but rather just another “Vote for Me and Everything is Free” politician.  I think the American people just had enough of empty promises.  And now as head of the party’s management crew, his idea is to file lawsuits – instead of talking to the American people and explaining why Donald Trump is not fit to be President.

Let me know what you think on this new Democratic approach to regaining the momentum they have been losing for the last decade or so.


CNN and Fake News, how do they react when it’s called out! Don Lemon exposed!

I saw this on Sundance Blog and thought how funny it is when Fake News is called Fake News.  As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense.  Don Lemon, after being called out on his phony baloney “news conference” could only turn tail an run.  Great Going CNN!

They Just Don’t Get It!

Ben Stein, a very smart guy just said on Fox News that he is against PE Donald Trump’s tweeting about specific companies that he is threatening with high duties if they move or open new plants in other countries.  I agree. But – as so many do, he just thinks after the Inauguration, things will be the same.  Nope, I think he is now in save mode.  Trying to delay what has been business as usual with the current administration that does not appreciate the importance of manufacturing jobs to the US economy.  After he becomes President he will work differently to keep and add to jobs.