Fox Business News:  6/16/2017 Facebook bug may have exposed moderators to extremists


I wonder why I couldn’t find any mention of this in the New York Times???

SAN FRANCISCO –  Facebook has acknowledged that a security hole in its software may have exposed the identities of its online monitors to suspected terrorist groups and others whose pages were removed for inappropriate content.

A Guardian report says more than 1,000 people, which Facebook calls moderators, were affected. Facebook says it fixed the error, which occurred last year, and it has no evidence that those affected received any threats.

The Guardian says six people likely had their profiles viewed by suspected terrorists. It spoke to one of these people, whom it did not name, who went into hiding following the incident. This person was worried that sympathizers of the Islamic State group may have viewed his profile.

Facebook says it didn’t find that any profiles were viewed by suspected IS members.

Other Sources:

Speaking with The Guardian, one of the six employees, an Iraqi-born Irish citizen who asked to remain anonymous, stated that seven people linked to an Egyptian terrorist group sympathetic to Hamas and ISIS had seen his profile.

“The only reason we’re in Ireland was to escape terrorism and threats,” he said, revealing how numerous members of his family had been beaten and executed in Iraq.

The moderator, who worked as a contractor for Facebook on behalf of Cpl Recruitment, fled the country shortly after over fears of retaliation.

Although Facebook initially “offered to install a home alarm monitoring system and provide transport to and from work” to the high-priority moderators, the Iraqi-born man felt he had become too vulnerable.

“When you come from a war zone and you have people like that knowing your family name you know that people get butchered for that,” he added. “The punishment from ISIS for working in counter-terrorism is beheading. All they’d need to do is tell someone who is radical here.”

After five months in eastern Europe, the moderator returned to Ireland in May after running out of money.

“I don’t have a job, I have anxiety and I’m on antidepressants,” he said. “I can’t walk anywhere without looking back.”

The moderator has now filed a legal claim against both Facebook and Cpl Recruitment, seeking compensation for the physiological issues faced since the security breach.

The Guardian report also revealed how content monitors, who, according to the moderator, “come in every morning and just look at beheadings, people getting butchered, stoned, executed,” were seemingly required to use their own personal profiles while doing their work.

“They should have let us use fake profiles,” he said. “They never warned us that something like this could happen.”

In a statement confirming the incident, Facebook asserted it had taken technical steps to stop such an issue from occurring in the future.

“We care deeply about keeping everyone who works for Facebook safe,” a spokesman said. “As soon as we learned about the issue, we fixed it and began a thorough investigation to learn as much as possible about what happened.”

In total, the software bug remained active for up to a month and retroactively exposed profiles that had flagged terrorist content as far back as August 2016.

CNN and Fake News, how do they react when it’s called out! Don Lemon exposed!

I saw this on Sundance Blog and thought how funny it is when Fake News is called Fake News.  As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense.  Don Lemon, after being called out on his phony baloney “news conference” could only turn tail an run.  Great Going CNN!

Negotiating, Negotiating and More Negotiating – Nothing but Negtotiating

Anyone who listens to and follows Donald Trump throughout his “Political Career” knows that much of what he says is the opening of a long negotiating process.  He is not a politician, he actually says/tweets what he is thinking at that time.  I find that refreshing and a little scary at the same time.  And, he gets a little tiring along the way.  Not from what he says, but I have to think about what he means and what he intends.  He speaks very plainly, but behind the words are huge and significant meanings.  Donald Trump is a very successful businessman.  He mental state is one of always negotiating.  He loves it.

People don’t get it, they just don’t get it.  His detractors point to the words and get a boost by misinterpreting the meaning, on purpose – like all good politicians do.  We can’t believer any of them.  The President is negotiating with the Russians, Iranians, Israelis, Palestinians, Democrats, Media types, public opinion, China, and the legal system.  He is positioning himself to “compromise” and win what he wants.

  1. Illegal Immigrants: What he says – deport every single one, and their children will have to follow.  What he wants – deport illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes (not jay walking or a misdemeanor) and offer a path to citizenship for everyone else.
  2. Stop imports from Mexico and other countries: What he says – I’m going to put a 35% tariff on imported goods.  What he wants – give American made goods a fair chance to compete with imported products by putting reasonable tariff on them – perhaps 8%.
  3. The Not So “Affordable” Care Act: What he says – Repeal and replace!!!!  What he means – Repeal and replace an Act that will accomplish the same results, but in a financially responsible manor.
  4. The Ban on Muslims: What he says – Stop immigration from these seven countries for 90 days so we can assess the effectiveness of our vetting system, which I think is not strong enough.  What he should have said: I am concerned that the current vetting process we have in place may not be effective enough to protect our security from ISS infiltrators, therefore I am going to temporarily halt, for 90 days, the processing of immigration requests from the seven countries that President Obama designated as Terrorist Strongholds.  Etc., Etc.
  5. NATO: What he says – We will not stay in NATO when other countries only want a free ride, it’s an outdated organization and we will consider leaving it.  What he means – many of the other members are not paying their fair share for the cost of defense and are not sending the troops needed in a conflict.  He’s just positioning himself to get a better and fairer deal for America.  Poor John McCain just doesn’t get it!
  6.  Fake News: What he says: He means, and he is usually right.

Bottom line, listen to his words, but keep in mind he is opening up a dialog to negotiate for what he thinks is best for America.  He’s letting himself look silly for making America better.  Too bad none of the politicians would do the same.

Turkish Hacker Gets 8 Years In US Jail For ATM Theft Scheme -from Darkreading

Was this put onto the front page of any newspapers?  I think the best way to stop some hacking is to inform people of the realities of life that will happen when they are caught.  If people never hear about the consequences of their actions, and they only hear about how huge the money is that is being stolen, the idea of cyber theft is very tempting.

Ercan Findikoglu carried out three cyberattacks that enabled theft of $55 million through worldwide ATM withdrawals. The mastermind behind three cyberattacks that allowed the theft of $55 million from ATMs worldwide has been sentenced to eight years in a US prison, Reuters reports. Ercan Findikoglu of Turkey allegedly carried out these crimes while facing Turkish charges for fake payment cards and was out on bail.

Prosecutors say Findikoglu and his accomplices hacked the database of debit card companies in “unlimited operations” and deleted the withdrawal limits of card accounts. This enabled “cashers” in worldwide locations to simultaneously withdraw cash from ATMs using data of victims stolen by Findikoglu. In one instance, $40 million was allegedly withdrawn using Oman’s Bank Muscat cards by cashers located in 24 countries and through 36,000 transactions.

Thirteen New York cashers allegedly involved in the theft of $2.8 million have pleaded guilty.

Findikoglu will be deported to Turkey for completing his sentence there once his US prison term is over, says defense lawyer Christopher Madiou.

Chicago, Chicago, Not My Kind of Town – so what can be done?

“They all talk, specify the problem, but only offer a kind word, profess their sadness and compassion – and never recommend an action to solve the problem”  – Charley246


Dear Mayor Emanuel, How about Starting your next sentence with the words – “I RECOMMEND” and then state the action to solve the problem.

For example; everyone says gangs consist of many children that don’t have parents around to teach them and make them feel they have a family. We know many, many Black families consist of one parent and several children.  And if there are two responsible parents, both of them are working.  Few can afford after school programs.  So – what about making school hours start at 8:30 and end at 5:00?  Give working single parent and two parent families a chance.  When did establish current school hours?  For farming or so children could do chores?  When the typical family consisted of a working father and a stay at home mother?  Outdated thinking, we need current schooling for current realities.  Add study hall time at the end of the day.  Children can do their homework.

Let teachers stay longer, get paid a little more because they can use the time to prepare for the next day’s lessons.  The Federal Government should pay the extra cost for five years and let a test begin.  We have the schools, utilize them,  we have teachers, use them.  This is an emergency and no one has done anything effective to address the basis of the problem.

We have Police Athletic Leagues, PAL’s all over the country.  If more programs were set up, not just sports, that would put young adults and police together, they would have to open a dialog and get to know and understand each other.  It could be discussing culture or other topics of interest.  Maybe work with some computer gaming companies and have weekly nights with open gaming competitions.  I’ll bet any of the big three would love to give free products just to have their names associated with such a worthy cause.

Schools tend to be racially divided, White neighborhoods and Black/Hispanic neighborhoods.  School populations reflect this ethnic makeup.  What is the interaction between them – athletic events, football games, basketball tournaments where each school want to win – beat, defeat, destroy, annihilate and wipe out the opposition.  That’s school spirit – and this leads to student banning together and can lead to gangs forming.  How about changing this and have regional competition, in which several schools combine to offer a “League” that competes with other Leagues?   In racial mixing will lead to friendships cultural understanding.

Money is always a problem.  Public schools get most of their money through real estate taxes that are collected in their region.   The result is that wealthy neighbors have better schools because they have more funds.  I suggest that starting next year, each school district sends 10% of the “school tax” collect to the state.  The state then distributes the money back to the schools based upon the number of students.  Each year increase the states collection by 10%, and stop at 50%.  Simple concept.

How about your thoughts, and why can’t our leaders agree on some action.